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Lead me, Lord

SATB (div), 4'30" (2016)

for the Choir of King's College, Aberdeen and James O'Donnell

This work shares the same text (with modern changes) as the standard-repertoire English choral anthem by Samuel Welsey, taking the words and turning them into an incessant prayer or mantra, perhaps a bit more reminiscent of Eastern spirituality than Western. I was inspired to write this piece when singing the Welsey anthem in the choir in Wednesday worship, while reflecting on how difficult it can be to ask for much-needed help and guidance – whether physical, emotional or spiritual. It was written in late October/early November 2016, a time that many people would consider frightening and confusing (during a difficult year, no less). I feel that this piece captures a bit of the spark of hope and storm of anxiety emblematic of the time, especially as many of us turn to spirituality or meditation in search of peace.

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