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Failed Saints

SATB, 12' (2018)

I. Interrogations at Noon / II. The Angel with the Broken Wing / III. Rough Country 

Failed Saints is a choral cycle on poems by renowned poet and California poet laureate Dana Gioia. Gioia's poetry uses fresh takes on traditional forms, and frequently focuses on the beauty of the beautiful and sometimes-frightening California landscape alongside internal questioning and struggle. I was thrilled to bring his words to musical life once again, and these settings use to show Gioia's bringing together of the cosmic and the mundane. 

'Interrogations at noon' is a meditation on the feelings of inadequacy over time that many of us experience. 'The Angel with the Broken Wing' is a stunning narrative poem told from the perspective of an angel statue built for a Spanish country church, vandalized in the Revolution and now relegated to the back room of an art gallery. 'Rough Country' gives a much sense of release in its depiction of the feeling of freedom and home the California wilderness. 

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