'Agnus Dei' from the St Andrew's Mass, performed by the Cathedral Singers at St Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen; soloists Kathleen Cronie, Sarah LeBrocq, Sam Paul, and Ross Cumming. The St Andrew's Mass is a macaronic mass setting with a full choir which sings in Latin and a quartet or semichorus which sings in Gaelic. Premiered at the Gaelic Eucharist celebrated by the diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney, 24 June 2017. 


'My heart is like a singing bird' for six-part consort (AATTBarB), a setting of Christina Rossetti, written for Owain Park and the Gesualdo Six. Performed across Europe including at St John Smith's Square in London, St Helier Church on the Isle of Jersey, and at REMA Early Music Showcase in The Hague, Netherlands. 


'O vos omnes,' premiered by Melos Chamber Choir of Vilnius, Lithuania. Subsequent performances given by Dulciana Women's Choir and Eoghan Desmond in Dublin. Called "a sincere religious meditation" by Lietuvos Musikos AntenaAvailable for SSAA or SATB on MusicSpoke. 


'O God, Thy sea is so great and my boat is so small...' premiered by the University of Aberdeen Chamber Choir in the Lady Chapel at Ely Cathedral, 28 June 2017. An aleatoric setting of a quote from a Breton fisherman's prayer, popularized by President Kennedy who kept a plaque inscribed with the quote on his desk in the Oval Office. 


Complete Works LIST

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Choral Works

Delyow Sevi for SATB (arr., Cornish folk tune), 3'00" (2017) in memory of Chris Cawdur James
Shall we gather at the river? for SATB + 2 soli (arr.), 3'30" (2017)
Hodie for SATB + organ (Advent/Christmas), 3'30" (2017) for Con Anima Chamber Choir
Above the stars for unaccompanied SSAA (2017), 4'15" for Amuse Singers
Magnificat for unaccompanied SATB (2017), 7'00" for Dominic Brennan and the Cantus Ensemble
O God, Thy sea is so great and my boat is so small... for unaccompanied SATB (2017), c. 6-7' An aleatoric setting of an old Breton fisherman's prayer, famed by its popularity with President Kennedy. 
St Andrew's Mass for two choirs (semichorus or quartet + full choir), 22'00" (2017) A macaronic concert setting of the mass in Latin (full choir) and Scottish Gaelic (semi chorus). Includes Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus/Benedictus, and Agnus Dei. 
Wayfaring Stranger (arr.) for unaccompanied SATB, 3'30" (2017)
Mater Dei for unaccompanied SSATB, 4'50" (2016) for Owain Park and the Cambridge Chorale 
Sicut Cervus for unaccompanied SATB, 4'45" (2016) 
Lead me, Lord for unaccompanied SATB, 4'30" (2016) premiered by the Choir of King's College Aberdeen under the direction of James O'Donnell
Charlie is my Darling for unaccompanied SATB (arr.), 1'50" (2016)
Ave rosa, sine spinis for unaccompanied SATB (Christmas), 3'20" (2016) 
My heart is like a singing bird for six-part ATB consort (text by Christina Rossetti), 5'40" (2016) for Owain Park and the Gesualdo Six 
Shenandoah for unaccompanied SATB + solo soprano (arr.), 4'00" (2016)
Oh soul, be silent for unaccompanied SATB (text by Rumi), 5'45" (2016)
Flowers of the Forest for unaccompanied SATB (arr. Mendelssohn), 4'40" (2015) Commissioned by the Royal Collections Trust for the exhibition "Scottish Artists 1750-1900: Caledonia to the Continent" at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace. 
O vos omnes for unaccompanied SSAA or SATB (Lent/Holy Week), 4'30" (2015) for Melos Chamber Choir, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Brightest and Best for unaccompanied SATB (Christmas/Epiphany), 3'40" (2015) for the Choir of King's College, Aberdeen
En Sourdine for unaccompanied SATB, text by Paul Verlaine, 5'30" (2015)
When only the moon rages: Three Songs on texts by Dylan Thomas for unaccompanied SATB, 11' (2014)
A Psalm of David for unaccompanied SATB, setting of psalm 40, 4'30" (2013)
I Wish in the City of your Heart for SSA and piano (text by Robley Wilson) 4'30" (2011)


Vocal Works

Steps of the Sun: a song cycle for medium-low voice and piano, 14'30" (2016) for Matthew Rimkus, baritone. Texts by Teasdale, Blake, Rossetti, Keats. 
The Lost Garden: songs on texts by Dana Gioia for baritone, guitar, clarinet and cello, 20' (2013) for Adrian Rosales, baritone
As If to Say for tenor and piano, text by Elizabeth Cantwell, 5' (2012)
Aviary for mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano, text by Saba Razvi, 8' (2012)
Fairy Song for baritone and piano, text by John Keats, 3' 30" (2011)
Three Images from William Carlos Williams for soprano and piano, 6' (2010)